Shapes & Rhythm

Casa 'na'

"J'avais cette idée que si j'avais cinq très beaux ensembles, je pourrais les porter tout le temps."

Architecte allemande, reine de l'architecture furtive,
une maîtresse de la confiance tranquille.

Cette soie imprimée est le tissu de base de deux de nos pieces préfères cette saison: la robe fluide Rimini et le chemisier Pompeii. Affirmez-vous dans le tissu 076 parfaitement équilibré.



ALPHABET’s design collective has created an exclusive capsule inspired by the minimalist architectural language of the Judith & Charles boutique. The collective focus is to provide a curated assortment of exclusive interior pieces both functional and home-grown. Each ALPHABET piece is thoughtfully designed and produced locally while the materials and suppliers are selected from the Montreal area. ALPHABET’s collection will be exhibited in the 11 Judith & Charles boutiques across Canada. The works will be showcased and available to buy. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Charlie’s Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization that teaches Dominican youth the English language, connecting them with the wider world and improving their future career prospects. The exhibit will be held until 2020.